Site work

Start at the Bottom

Skills for Complex Jobs

Site work is fundamental to successful construction, encompassing a variety of critical tasks. Our services include land clearing, debris removal such as rocks, trees, and stumps, and resolving issues like ledges and elevation discrepancies. Our expertise extends to excavating foundations, pouring concrete for walls and footings, coordinating with utility companies for underground services, and working with towns and the Department of Transportation for essential infrastructure such as sidewalks, roads, electrical systems, and drainage solutions.

Handling the specifics

On-Site Experts

Advanced Group is proficient in navigating complex regulatory environments, including bonding and encroachment permits required by various government levels. We collaborate closely with a select group of civil engineers to meet all project specifications like elevation, erosion control, and wetlands compliance. Whether it's for commercial or residential development, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your site work, including the installation of septic systems.

The Long Haul

Ready to Work

Our extensive array of heavy machinery and skilled operators ensure efficiency and reliability for any site work need. From ground-level operations using payloaders, skid steers, and backhoes to aerial tasks with lulls, our fleet is ready. Advanced Group boasts tri-axle dump trucks, haulers, and tracker-trailer trucks, capable of moving materials and removing debris. Additionally, we offer outsourcing services for other trucking companies or contractors in need of robust hauling solutions.