Historic Renovations

Advanced Group is recognized as the regional leader in historic preservation. Whether you aim to modernize, restore, or preserve a historic property, our team combines profound expertise with a nuanced understanding of design to ensure your project complies with all relevant historic preservation guidelines and structural standards.

Tailored Approaches to Unique Structures

There is no one-size-fits-all method in historic preservation. Our skilled craftsmen and designers appreciate that every historic structure presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. From colonial-era saltbox homes to museums, restaurants, and theaters, we prioritize a deep understanding of the client’s needs, the building's specifics, and the intricate requirements of historic commissions and architectural review boards.

Permitting & Approvals

We manage all interactions with governing bodies, ensuring smooth approval processes for your projects.

Local Expertise

Our construction team is deeply rooted in the region, dedicated to preserving its rich historical tapestry.

Comprehensive Historic Renovation Services

Advanced Group leverages a full spectrum of skills to address the complex demands of historic renovations. Our multidisciplinary approach includes everything from structural enhancements to delicate restorations:

Structural Reinforcements

Including the installation of new roofing, masonry restoration, and steel columns to ensure safety and integrity.

Aesthetic Restorations

We meticulously restore windows, entryways, and facades to their original splendor while integrating modern conveniences that honor the historic essence.

Modern Upgrades

Our renovations may include adding sophisticated storage solutions, state-of-the-art plumbing, HVAC systems, and tastefully designed kitchens and bathrooms.

Preservation of Character

While incorporating modern elements, we maintain the historical character with designs and craftsmanship that endure through time.

Notable projects

Our experience spans a wide array of projects, each handled with the same commitment to detail and quality.